Everything you need to know about pixel gun 3D

Everything you need to know about pixel gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D app is a worldwide block game and battle royale similar to Minecraft and Roblox.

Rated for players ages 12 and older, Pixel Gun 3D is downloaded for free in the App Store and downloaded in Google Play Store, but with app’s advertising features and purchasing features.

More about pixel gun 3D app

At first glance, the Pixel 3D Pixel application is very busy, but kids can easily sail through the game because it’s a mix of all the games you already play.

The Minecraft part is able to customize its character and select a pet as an accompaniment during the game.

Pixel Gun 3D tips

To get what the app needs to do. The final game in Pixel Gun 3D is a battle royale feature that basically kills or dies in a block-style Fortnite game where the winner is the last one.

The players are thrown on an unarmed island and have to release chests to buy weapons and reject enemies. And like Fortnite there is a sand for gameplay that gets smaller over time.

Players who are trapped outside the ever smaller circle die. With fewer players, Pixel Gun 3D Battle Royale games have a much faster game of tips and tricks.

Pixel Gun 3D requires that players play with play games and that the additional games are available. Players can play on a local, global or private server.

Pixel Gun 3D free gems

You are in Pixel Gun 3D and allow players to collect weapons and other winnings while you play free gems.

To open special packages or to collect additional coins (game coins) and gems, players can play video or static ads. Players will also be rewarded for being connected to their social media accounts.

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Is Pixel Gun 3D safe for your kids?

Importantly, keeping in mind that a chat feature works so that players can communicate with each other as they play. The chat feature is handy in team / clan play and strategy, but there is always the possibility gems that kids will find adults with less honorable intentions.

Players can opt to disable the chat features in the game through the “Notifications and Chat” menu in Game Settings.


However, parents should be aware that children can activate the chat feature at any time by accessing the setup menu without verification.

Parents should be aware that the Pixel Gun 3D application is a shooter application with weapons designed to eliminate or kill enemies. While the figures are pixels, the game is about weapons and violence generator.

For these reasons, Pixel Gun 3D is suitable for older children with parental supervision.

In addition to the violent look of Pixel Gun 3D and monitoring the chat feature of the game, parents should also be sure that they have expectations before they let their child play without a mobile number.

In-app purchases allow users to quickly upgrade weapons and weapons to gain a clear advantage in the various shooter and coin packages for a price between $ 0.99 and $ 9.99.